Longest drive of my life

This was an insane amount of driving to do in one day. As a result of my previous days lolly gagging I didn’t get as far as I wanted. My plan was to make it to Toronto by July 10th. This meant passing through 4 states: North Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan. After all the relaxed prairie drive as I approached Chicago I sensed a heightening of driving intensity. I white knuckled it though and made a b-line to Flint, Michigan. There, I stopped at a Kroger and as requested by Erin, bought a pack of yoghurt tubes… the ones which have jokes printed on them. Yup, Erin got a gig writing joked for kid’s yoghurt tubes. I thought it was somehow appropriate that I stopped in Flint to pick them up. The store seemed empty.

On my way thorugh Canada Customs / Immigration the border guy asked me where I live. I had to think about it for a second. I said “Nova Scotia” although I was thinking to myself “I don’t really have a home at this moment in time.” Probably a good thing I didn’t verbalize that thought.

After 15.5 hours of driving, I finally stopped at Mitch and Janet’s house: cold beer, whiskey, and dear friends make a good combo. You know how you have some friends who are as familiar and +++ as family? The McBurney / Lewis family are like that. Even the pets were bonding (although I’m wondering if the lizard wanted to eat the hamster).

I miss my girls.

Weird “statue”:

I’m tired

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