1. Tim Crofts

    Hi John,

    Tim Crofts here, I’m a frequent collaborator of suddenlylisten. Sageev Oore and myself have been working on some improvised electric keyboard duos and we are considering applying for a recording grant through the canada council the dealine of which is May 1st. Part of this grant is budgeting who would record, produce and master such a recording. I immediately thought of you. Our plan is in it’s infancy, but we want to work with electric keyboards as opposed to pianos so we can explore the potential of the medium i.e. midi syncing etc. What I want is a recording project that explores the process of recording, the number of ways Sageev and I can interact through the technology. Anyhow, the deadline is rapidly approaching, if this project interests you I’d need an idea of your fees. None of this will be set in stone until the grant is approved, you know the drill. Let me know what you think. Take Care.


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